Ways to Become a Charitable Family


1. Start with your neighbors and immediate community
Charity does not have to be complicated. Have your teen son offer to rake leaves for the elderly folks next door, for example. Or, you can bake pastries for the people manning the guard house of your housing subdivision. Then, take your kids along when you hand-deliver the freshly baked treats.

2. Do an annual clothes-giving drive
You and your kids can go through the family’s various closets. Choose only clean and undamaged clothes and clothing accessories. Check the pockets, fold the clothes, and then pack them for donating to a nearby charity center.

3. Donate books
Have your family help you in choosing which ones to donate from your personal library. Your local library can certainly benefit from your donations.

4. Reach out to your community daycare
Your children can choose to give away some of their undamaged toys. Explain to them how this gesture spreads cheer to other kids.

5. Choose ethically and humanely manufactured products
Teach your kids that altruism can be paired with consumerism as long as people buy material goods according to their conscience. Educate your children that they can make powerful charitable gestures each time they choose ethically and humanely manufactured products.

Examples are faux fur and those that are not tested on animals. Also, talk to them about patronizing marketing initiatives that entail a corporate donation for every sold item.

6. Promote compassion towards animals
Proffering kindness towards the society’s helpless and voiceless members like abandoned pets is one of the most effective ways to impart selfless charity to the young ones in your household.

Schedule family visits to a humane society or a dog shelter regularly, bringing along good-quality pet food. A bonus: your kids will enjoy spending quality time with the furry recipients of your edible gifts.

7. Donate blood
Bring your kids with you if you should donate blood. Explain why you are donating blood and how doing so can potentially save lives.

8. Get your teens to volunteer for a local organization
Get your teen son or daughter to volunteer regularly for a local organization. There could be environmental awareness, animal rights, or charitable organizations in your area. Many of these rely on the culture of volunteerism and the helping hand of those who believe in certain causes.

By doing this, you do not only nurture altruistic behavior among the young in your household. You also offer them valuable real-world education on complex social issues, as well as lessons about teamwork and taking responsibility for bettering the world. Volunteerism among the young, in particular, can promote a philanthropic gain in adulthood.